BELFAST Lord Mayor, Councillor Tom Hartley, has congratulated members of the Belfast City Council Youth Forum after winning national recognition for their work highlighting the issues facing young people.
The teenagers were the only group from Northern Ireland recognised at the BT Seen and Heard Awards, which were held at the House of Commons.
Councillor Hartley said: “The Youth Forum has proved an invaluable tool not just for Belfast City Council in helping us interact more effectively with young people but for highlighting issues of interest to young people themselves.
“In the time they have been in existence they have advised the council on our successful bid to create the city’s first skate park, produced an alcohol awareness DVD, have undertaken visits to our leisure centres to advise on services for young people and have cascaded a suicide awareness training programme among their peers.
“These are young people aged between 13 and 18 years old who come from every corner of the city and work together to improve the lives of their own age group.
“They clearly demonstrate that young people can and do make a difference when given a platform and when people are willing to listen to their ideas. Members of the Youth Forum are contributing to a better future for Belfast and I am delighted that their work has been recognised nationally.”
The winners were chosen from across the world for making a positive impact on society.
By Cathy Black
© FAME Inc

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