dick-barry2Sainsbury’s celebrated the launch of their new wine coding system today with a special tasting event in the city centre.Hosted by Sainsbury’s UK buyer, Barry Dick, the system divides its range of 163 own-brand wines into six categories- ‘crisp and delicate’, ‘soft and fruity’ and ‘complex and elegant’ for the whites, and ‘light and fruity’, ‘smooth and mellow’ and ‘rich and complex’ for the reds.
dick-barry1The idea behind the coding is to break customer habits and encourage shoppers to explore other wines.
Barry said: “It is really about taking customers out of their comfort zones and basically saying to them, if you like this wine, why not try this?
“We want people to be able to match wine with their meal. Picking a wine can be very daunting, so we want to show people it can be straight-forward and very rewarding”.
dick-barry31The labels have got a make-over too. The Sainsbury’s logo has been placed more discretely on the bottle and the label now features an authentic and traditional design based on the province it was made.
Barry said: “People hesitate buying an own-brand wine. What they don’t realise is by spending the same amount on a Sainsbury’s bottle they can afford a better quality wine.
“It is all made in the same way, in the same places with the same ingredients.”
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By Cathy Black
Photos by Fabrizio Belluschi
© FAME Inc


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