titanic-signature-project1BELFAST City Council is set to ratify its £10m contribution to the Titanic Signature Project at a special council meeting on December 16. Diane Dodds, Chairperson of the Strategic Policy and Resources Committee, welcomed the announcement that the Northern Ireland Executive is to offer £43.5m towards the £97m Titanic Quarter proposal.
titanic-signature-project2Dodds said: “Belfast City Council has already agreed in principle to contribute £10m to the project. The council has to wait until the Executive made its decision and now that is in place we can proceed with our planned meeting in December.
“The timing will allow work on the project to begin in January as outlined by the Executive”. The cash injection is set to create 850 jobs and will bring in almost half a million visitors to Northern Ireland.
Councillor Dodds said: “Without wishing to pre-empt our discussion, I think that the council’s response will be positive given that this project will create 600 construction workers jobs and 250 permanent jobs.
titanic-signature-project4“There is clear evidence that this will prove to be is a significant investment that will result in consolidating and growing the Belfast tourism product, which we all know has been a major success story in recent years.
“Bringing the Titanic story back home to its birthplace in time for its centenary is timely and is expected to attract up to 400,000 visitors to our city who will spend up to £30m each year.
“As well as Belfast City Council’s £10m contribution towards the remaining £53.5 million, it is expected the rest will come from Titanic Quarter Limited and Belfast Harbour Commissioners.”

By Cathy Black
© FAME Inc

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