rape-crisis-centre2THE Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Centre today reveals an internal memo that shows a government minister who approved a recommendation in 2006 to withdraw the organisation’s funding was deliberately given information that was factually incorrect by civil servants.The document refers to cash withdrawals and claims that they “were not recorded in the organisation’s financial records”.
eileencalder2Co Director of the organisation Eileen Calder blasted this claim saying that it was “totally untrue”.
She added: “This is a deliberate and provable lie, since this document was uncovered we have sought legal advice and are considering a formal complaint against the civil servants responsible.
rape-crisis-centre1“The allegation was never made to our centre because they know it is provably untrue. From our own records it is very clear what this money was used for and during each subsequent review and verification the information was made available.
“The continual referral by the Department to this has damaged our organisation and cast aspertions on the staff volunteers and organisation”.
In light of this new information the Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Centre is appealing to Northern Ireland politicians and public representatives to consider the evidence and ensure that adequate public funding is provided for the valuable service.
Eileen added: “Following the documentary this week we are overwhelmed by the generosity of the public, however, the fact remains it is government’s responsibility to ensure the Centre is funded and we can continue to provide these very valuable services which were portrayed excellently in the recent BBC documentary made by award winning film-maker Alison Millar of Tern TV.”
This is just one of a number of issues that the RC&SAC press conference will deal with today.
In another document attached/enclosed you will find an outline of other issues arising from this internal memo and other documents obtained under the Freedom Of Information Act.

If you would like more information on the work of the Centre or to make a donation call 02890 329001, 02890 329002 or log onto rapecrisisni.com

To view the documentary online log onto: click here


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