paradox-oil4A LOCAL doctor has created a miracle cure using fish oil and extra virgin olive oil.Osteopath Dr Geoff Hayhurst developed Paradox Oil, designed to have an all over body affect, combining the health benefits of Mediterranean and Eskimo diets.After extensive research Dr Hayhurst discovered a paradox – two of the healthiest populations in the world had a diet extremely high in fat.
paradox-oil21The osteopath blended pure fish oil with extra virgin olive oil to create a completely original product, which allows the anti-oxidants to remain stable as the body stores them for use.
Initially, Dr Hayhurst created Paradox Oil to supplement and improve bone and joint health but patients quickly began to report benefits in other areas of their health such as improvements in the digestive system and better skin and hair.
Paradox Oil has potential benefits for every cell in the body including the skeleton, organs (such as the heart), muscles, the nervous system and brain.
Dr Hayhurst says the supplement is ‘one size fits all’ because every member of the family can take it.
He explained that a single serving of Paradox Oil taken once a day at breakfast is the health equivalent of eating three salmon fillets and 10 jumbo olives.
Marie Devlin from Belfast describes Paradox Oil as her ‘life saver’.
paradox-oil1The 58-year-old first heard about the wonder health oil a few years ago after reading another success story about it in the press and, having suffered with arthritis symptoms since 1997, was keen to give it a try.
“I was suffering from terrible aches and pains in all my joints and I would have tried anything to get a bit of relief,” Marie said.
“The effects of Paradox Oil were evident really quickly – in fact after about three or four weeks of starting to take it, I already noticed a big difference.
“The stiffness went out of my back and limbs and I was able to just get up out of bed without shuffling around”.
After years of careful research and development Dr Hayhurst’s Paradox Oil is now on the shelves of selected Gordon’s Chemist branches priced £12.99 for one month’s supply and it has just been released in capsule format for even easier and more convenient ingestion.
There is even a version for children called Squirt which is the perfect and easy way to get kids to take Omega Oil which is essential for growth and development.
The whole Paradox Oil range can also be purchased online at gordons-chemists.com

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