henry-and-ho-ho1A RECENT report by Duke Children’s Hospital in North Carolina has shown that reading books which feature an overweight character can help children to lose weight.
This fact is of no surprise to retired GP Bernard Shevlin.
“I was thrilled to hear this story, as it confirms my own findings over the past 17 years”, he said.
“As a busy full-time NHS GP I often encountered children with problems for which there was no easy fix – in fact often no real help at all. My solution was the bedtime story”.
henry-and-ho-ho2This is the first study of its kind to look at the impact that reading books can have on a child’s health and has produced some very interesting results. The report showed that 69 per cent of children that took part in the survey saw “a significant decrease in their BMI scores.”
Bernard said: “It struck me that the setting of the bedtime story is a very powerful context: the child is relaxed, expectant and sometimes drowsy with a trusted adult reading to them – an ideal environment to impart helpful suggestions.
“I have always believed that this was a great way to tackle problems such as obesity and other health problems. It can also be taken further to help children with emotional difficulties such as bullying and bereavement”.
With this in mind Dr Shevlin has published his first book – a collection of 18 stories that help children cope with the modern world, and in some cases help or even cure their problems. Some of the issues addressed in the stories include obesity, bedwetting, bereavement and bullying.
The Amazing Adventures of Henry and Ho-Ho features the tales of a lonely, young boy, Henry, and his elephant-friend, Ho-Ho. The stories are a perfect antidote to our modern lifestyle and are guaranteed to help children have a peaceful nights sleep.
The book comes highly recommended by Otto Kaak, a leading professor of Child Psychiatry in Kentucky.
He said of the book: “The Henry and Ho-Ho stories are little gems of fantasy and morality: helping children learn important lessons in life such as loyalty, honesty and bravery. I have personal experience of using one of Bernard’s stories to help a youngster who suffered a traumatic incident”.

The Amazing Adventures of Henry and Ho-Ho is published by Word4Word and retails at £12.99. It can be purchased online at or ordered from any bookstore.

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