NORTHERN Ireland’s top selling batch bread – the iconic Irwin’s Nutty Krust – is on sale in the Republic of Ireland for the first time thanks to a ‘batch’ of important new supply contracts secured by Irwin’s Bakery with leading Irish retailers.In separate deals, representing a combined 300,000 additional Nutty Krust loaves each year at a potential retail value of some €500,000, Irwin’s has achieved listings for the top-selling batch bread with Tesco Ireland, Dunnes Stores, and the Musgrave Group.  It is supported by an investment of €100,000 by Irwin’s in production upscale, supply chain and marketing costs.
This is the first time Nutty Krust will be available for sale outside of Northern Ireland and is on-shelf in Tesco Ireland, the Musgrave Group and Dunnes Stores.  Launched by County Armagh-based Irwin’s more than 40 years ago, it is Northern Ireland’s number one batch bread accounting for more than half of all such bread sold in the region and voted ‘product of the year’ by Tesco NI customers in both 2002 and 2007.
Its distinctive flavour and texture are the result of following an authentic 40 year-old recipe, and using traditional baking and fermentation methods.
Slow baking on the sole of the oven gives the loaf its hard ‘nutty’ crust and soft centre and from mixing to slicing the whole baking process takes six hours.
The product itself contains no nut traces and is therefore safe for people with nut allergies.
In a landmark move for the brand, Irwin’s launched three new Nutty Krust varieties in spring 2008 – Nutty Krust Sunflower & Pumpkin Seed, Malted Grain, and Half Loaf, the traditional loaf only in a half-size pack.
The introduction of health-giving seeds and grains to Nutty Krust reflects the bakery’s focus on responding to consumer needs, developing innovative products that support their well being.
Tesco Ireland and Dunnes will list all three new varieties, while the Musgrave Group will stock Nutty Krust Sunflower & Pumpkin Seed and Malted Grain.
Brendan Lappin, Irwin’s Business Development Manager said: “These new listings represent an enormous boost to our Irish business and we are delighted that our retail customers are extending their business with us to help bring Nutty Krust to this important market for the first time.  We are genuinely proud that Irish consumers will now have access to Nutty Krust, one of Irwin’s’ longest-standing and most popular signature brands.
“A key strand of Irwin’s’ growth and sustainability strategy as an indigenous, family-owned operation has been to use our product innovation and supply chain capabilities to create real export strength, delivering new products to new markets at the right time.
“Introducing Nutty Krust now to the Irish market, where consumers are very progressive wanting great quality, highly nutritious, and health-focused foods, reflects this.  We believe that Nutty Krust, the original and its new seeded varieties, will meet these needs to be very well received and deliver important returns for us”.
Irwin’s already distributes a number of key product lines to multiples and independents in the Republic of Ireland, including its award-winning Rankin Selection traditional Irish breads range, which it makes in conjunction with celebrity chef Paul Rankin, as well as Irwin’s branded items such as Muffins, Low GI White Pan and Low GI White Rolls
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