WORLD renowned make-up artist Lisa Eldridge has revealed working with real women is the best part of her job.
Lisa, who is the resident make-up artist on Channel 4’s 10 Years Younger, has worked with some of the world’s top celebrities and her work has graced the covers of Vogue, In Style, Elle and Tatler.
Lisa’s client list includes Cameron Diaz, Heidi Klum, Mischa Barton and Kate Moss but it’s the everyday women that she loves to work with.
“I just love making up real women because it’s just so easy, in a way, to make a model look good”, said Lisa.
“If you’ve got someone who is 16 with perfect skin, full lips, big eyes, you can’t go far wrong.  Whereas when you make up somebody real I know that I can make them look a lot younger than they are, I can make them look so much prettier and of course that’s amazing for me.
“At the end of it when they are so thrilled and delighted it’s incredible for me, I feel great about that.  I feel really proud, I’m proud of make-up”.
Lisa has been a make-up artist for 20 years and worked on Japanese cosmetic range Shiseido before becoming Boots No 7’s Creative Director in 2003.
The cosmetics expert was charged with working on the redesign and the re-launch of Boots’ cult brand.
Lisa said: “I’ve been involved with No 7 for over five years and during that time I’ve made up lots of real women.
“In fact I tend to work with a lot of real women because of Boots No 7 and their philosophy is very much make-up for everybody”.
When Lisa was asked to become the new 10 Years Younger make-up artist she jumped at the chance.
“It’s just been so lovely to reintroduce people to make-up”, she said.
“These are women that probably did wear make-up years ago but feel that they don’t dare wear it now because they don’t know how to wear it.
“There have been some stories that have really touched me.  All of the women have been lovely, they’ve all more or less universally let themselves go.
“All of the contestants on 10 Years Younger tended to be, ‘Oh no I don’t want to look in the mirror’ and then after I had done the make-up they sat up, looking in the mirror.  They are really happy to show their faces more than they had before.
“I think personally that make-up is a miracle worker, it’s better than plastic surgery, it’s better than anything.
“What you can do with make-up, if you know what to do, is just incredible”.
For Lisa make-up makes an instant improvement not just physically but emotionally as well.
“Make-up can definitely boost a person’s confidence, absolutely”, she said.
“To be honest if I go on the school run no I don’t put make-up on, I rush out the door like everybody else and I’m there at the school gates and I don’t care.
“I general I try to wear make-up everyday and I wear it because I know I can do a very little bit and it makes a big difference.
“I like to present myself that way, even if I just curl my eyelashes I feel better”.
As a child Lisa was fascinated with colour and when she discovered her mother’s old make-up collection she was hooked.
She said: “When I was at school I was always drawing faces, I was obsessed with detail.
“We moved in with my grandmother for a while and that was where my mother grew up.  There was one of those cardboard sets of drawers and when I opened it there was all this make-up from when she was younger.
“It was Mary Quant, Biba, Coty, just amazing colours.  I was just like, ‘wow’, I can remember it so well.
“I used to look at it everyday, take the make-up out and just look at the colours”.
Lisa went onto to do an Art foundation course and while working at an architect’s office, she did an evening course on make-up.
“There were no courses on make-up, this was before the supermodels, make-up wasn’t a career”, explained Lisa.
“I just did this evening course and it was good because it was playing with photography as well so we got to learn about lighting.
“One day I was in the office doing my homework and one of the guys asked me what I was doing.  I told him I was doing a course in make-up.
“He said, ‘Oh really why?’ and I remember saying because I’m going to be doing all the Vogue covers.
“When I look back now it must have sounded so arrogant but I didn’t mean it in that way.  I just thought well I want to be a make-up artist so that’s obviously what I’ll be doing.
“Of course within five years I was doing Vogue covers.  I’ve lived in Paris, I’ve lived in New York, I’ve lived in Los Angeles, I used to spend three months of the year in the Caribbean doing shoot after shoot, it’s just all been amazing.
“I think I had a certain amount of belief and I was passionate about it, I knew I wanted to do it.
“I love my job so much.  I love colour, I love people, I love make-up, I love everything about it”.

For tips and information on 10 Years Younger visit channel4.com/10 Years Younger

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  • lisaeldridge.com

    • Get a good skin care routine in place and always thoroughly cleanse your skin at the end of the day. Exfoliators and glycolic peels are especially good for mature skin, as it produces new cells at a much slower rate. They will freshen up a dull complexion and create a lovely smooth canvas for make-up.  Recommended product: Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfolian
    • Don’t overload your face with foundation thinking that you can paper over the cracks and imperfections. This will only draw attention to them and add years to your face. Instead opt for minimal, sheer foundation that contains ‘optical blurrers’ (light diffusing particles).        Recommended product: Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturising Foundation
    • More mature skin can appear sallow and dull, so make blusher your friend. If you have dry skin, opt for a creme blusher in a lovely soft rosy pink or apricot. Blend this well over the apples of the cheeks and it will instantly take years off.                                                                                      Recommended product: Laura Mercier Creme Cheek Colour in oleander
    • When it comes to lips, avoid overly, dark colours and pale washed out nudes. Theses colours will make lips appear thinner and drain the complexion making them very aging. Stick to mid-tones in flattering rose pinks, tawny peaches and fresh apricots. Texture is also important as you age. Very matt lipsticks can make lips appear dry and dull whilst overly sticky glosses can seep into fine lines. Sheer lipsticks, moisturising lip stains and creamy lipsticks are the way to go as they impart colour with a dewy freshness that’s flattering.                                                                              Recommended product: Chantecaille Sheer Lipstick and Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Colour
    • Sparse eyebrows are very aging so invest in a good eyebrow pencil in the correct shade for you. Aim to thicken brows and fill in gaps using small feathery strokes to create the illusion of more hair. Never draw a solid line.                                                                                                                                      Recommended product: Mac Eyebrow Pencils

    By Andrea Clarke
    Photos by Fabrizio Belluschi
    © FAME Inc


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